to deepen clarity, courage & connection 

around what matters most.

The Focus...

A Good Life... After God

For those of us who think deeply and care deeply, there are proven pathways to help us grow in wisdom and well-being.  Our retreats focus on ways to: 

  • Experience more positive emotions
  • Engage in the world more wholeheartedly
  • Have richer relationships
  • Find greater meaning and purpose
  • Set and accomplish meaningful goals
  • Experience greater physical and emotional strength and vitality

Crafting a Life You Love

Retreat topics may include: 

Reigniting Pleasure & Purpose

Relationship Resilience

Re-thinking Sex & Sensuality

Grieving Without God

Wisdom in New Worldviews

Happiness & Humanism

Parenting Beyond Belief



Maria Popova's inquiry into what it means to lead a good life; reflections on literature, art, philosophy (and more) in the pursuit of timeless wisdom.

School of Life

A global organization dedicated to developing emotional intelligence by applying psychology, philosophy, and culture to everyday life in a meaningful way.

Waking Up!

A podcast with Sam Harris  —neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author—who explores some of the most important questions of our day.

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Flourishing Beyond Belief

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